Go Baby Go is a community based non-profit program that provides modified ride-on cars for children with limited mobility. Currently, there are no commercially available power wheelchairs for children under the age of three. However over thirty years of research demonstrates the benefits of early powered mobility on a child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Go Baby Go was designed to fulfill this need with low-cost and efficient means, providing cars with whatever personalized postural supports and modest electrical modifications that may be individualized as necessary.

Beginning at the University of Delaware under Dr. Cole Galloway, Go Baby Go has had tremendous success in creating sustainable branches all across the United States. Particular success has been found in Oregon, with branches in Corvallis and Portland co-lead by Dr. Sam Logan, PhD and Dr. Bethany Sloane, DPT. To expand the program further, our team will be travelling to rural and urban cities around China, a country in great need of more advancement in rehabilitative practices. Additionally, Go Baby Go has partnered with Glencoe High School’s nationally renowned robotics team Shockwave to create an easily-adapted support system that can adjust to different children’s needs with simple modification, catering to an environment such as an orphanage with numerous children in need of a car. We will also be providing education to therapists and practitioners about the importance of early mobility and benefits these cars can provide. We will be demonstrating and teaching how to adapt the cars themselves, along with providing translated manuals. Last, we will provide various orphanages that serve children with disabilities with our adapted cars. We hope to create an impactful and sustainable program abroad that will continue to develop and grow, changing the lives of numerous children.